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Client Profile
  • Mid-career professionals who are feeling stuck or burned-out in their current career and want to work with a professional Career Coach to regenerate their work life.
  • Individuals who are seeking a more soulful fit between their personal world and the world of work and are ready to engage a Career and Life Coach to help them achieve this goal.
  • Executives who are considering career advancement and need the support of a Career Coach to explore their options before committing time and money to further professional development.
  • People in career transition who would like to conduct a thorough assessment of their transferable skills, passions and interests, values, and their personality style (using the well respected Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) with a Career Counsellor in order to discover what they are born to pursue.
  • Entrepreneurially inclined people who want to create a sustainable business niche that is both personally rewarding and socially responsible and need individual Coaching on how to start the process.
  • Organizations who would like to offer Career Coaching as a special benefit to their employees in order to clarify the employee’s career potential and to increase the employee’s commitment to the organizational goals.
  • Small Business Owners who are ready to revitalize their business and set new goals and be accountable to a Business Coach while working towards them.
  • Job seekers who could benefit from the support and genuine encouragement of an Employment Counsellor while searching for their new job or career.
  • Individuals who could benefit from interview role play practice sessions with a Career Coach for job interviews, career advancement, and applying to graduate school.
  • Interviewees who want to prepare for behavioral style interviews and the BEI (Behavioral Event Interview) approach commonly used within the public service and private industry.
  • Applicants to Medical Schools who want to improve their performance with the MMI (Multiple Mini Interview) and MPI (Mini Personal Interview) approach.
  • People of all ages and stages of life who wish to achieve more balance between work and leisure with the support of a Life Coach.
  • Career seekers who could benefit from the practical guidance of an Employment Counsellor while crafting their resumes, cover letters and career portfolios.
  • Anyone in career and life transition who needs an objective and professional listener to help them make meaning of their life story.

Code of Ethics

Demonstrate accurate empathic understanding for each client.
Display unconditional positive regard for each client.
Exhibit congruency in all interactions with each client.

Michele’s Mission Statement

“Coaching, supporting, and challenging individuals who seek to discover their unique pathway to a more soulful and rewarding Career and Life Purpose.”

Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become what they are capable of being.

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe