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What Clients are saying about Michele, The Career Coach

I would recommend Michele to anyone seeking help with ANY kind of interview preparation. The skills she gave me during our sessions were invaluable, and have positively affected the way I communicate in all parts of my life. Michele is warm, engaging, and I found her approach to coaching extremely effective. 10/10!


I was previously rejected from medical school with my interview being a glaring weakness, and so I sought out help from Michele for extended interview practice sessions over the course of 6 months. From the moment I walked into her office she was extremely kind, courteous, and professional. As a busy student, I was amazed by the preparation Michele did outside of our practice sessions to ensure I received high quality and personally tailored material every week. Moreover, throughout our sessions Michele acted with the utmost honesty and directness concerning my performance – an attribute I believe is vital for improvement. I practiced the MMI and MPI formats with Michele, and am confident she has done the research and gained the skill set to help others improve their interviews for medical schools and ultimately present one’s best and genuine versions of themselves to admissions committees. Thank you so much for all the help Michele!

Allen Y.

Michele’s support was invaluable to me. Through our sessions, and with Michele’s kind support, I came to the realization that a career change was indeed necessary for me and for my wellbeing. She helped me to develop the confidence that I needed to take the plunge and to develop a plan to implement those critical first steps. Then she gave the tools I needed to help me successfully prepare for the all-important job interviews.  I believe this helped to significantly shorten the length of time it took to land a new job in a new and much more suitable work environment.


I have had an ongoing working relationship with Michele since 2013.
In that time, we alternated between discussions of employment coaching and exploring the Myers-Briggs archetypes.  I can vouch that Michele has a caring, patient and expert approach in both topics.  Whether you want to explore your career options or learn more about yourself, I highly recommend working with Michele!

Leo B

“While I am very familiar with writing proposals I had lost touch with writing my own resume and cover letters. With Michele’s assistance I acquired the tools and information to do both, and was able to pass along her advice and suggestions to my son during his summer job search.”

Carol H.

“I contacted Michele to help me with my interview skills for an upcoming opportunity. I had already failed one try and with her expert and knowledgeable advice, the personal touch she gave me won the day. I got the job!”

Terri G.

“Michele Waters help was invaluable to me in my job search. I am a person with some gaps in my work history and not too much recent experience. She was able to help me find my strengths and gave me lots of useful information to help me in my job search. After our initial consultation Michele was unfailingly supportive, encouraging and continued to send me job leads whenever she saw something that was suitable for me. Michele’s expertise is something that I would recommend to anyone looking for help in a challenging job market. It certainly helped me and I’m thrilled to be moving on to a new career.”

Deb T.

“I found Michele’s website and her business at a critical juncture in my life. She helped me to regain my self-confidence and self-assurance and appropriately utilize my strengths and the experiences I’ve gained throughout my life to launch a new career in an entirely new and unexpected direction. I am feeling a happiness and excitement I haven’t had in a very long time about my new path in life.”

Larry E.

“Michele is committed to reaching her clients goals. Her insightful, client-centred approach ensures a nurturing environment in which to explore the self, identify strengths and weakness’ and take steps that will lead to positive change. Michele’s thoughtful and sincere guidance helped me to discover a new, more meaningful career path.”

Richard A.

“Michele’s combination of natural empathy and sharp intelligence was just what I needed to help me through a tough spot in my career transition. She understood what I was going through – that alone was wonderful – and she had the skills to help me move forward. I landed an ideal job after working with Michele for a short time and I couldn’t have done it without her. I’ll always be grateful for Michele’s help at a critical point in my life.”

Gina B.

“We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.”

-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe