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The Value of your Investment in Career Coaching

Your decision to work with a Career Coach is the best investment that you could make in your career development. Working with a Career Coach helps you gain a new perspective on your career options. It expedites the process by helping you create a realistic plan of action. And most importantly, it builds in a system of accountability.

We have all heard that “two heads are better than one”. With the career coaching process you add a knowledgeable and skilled person to your success team. A Career Coach works with you without preconceived ideas about what you should do. Different from family members and friends, a Career Coach is unbiased about the outcome. The Career Coach’s role is to help you to discover more about who you really are, what you truly desire to do, and then to motivate you to take the specific steps to move in this new direction. A Career Coach listens with objectivity and genuine interest.

Although some people are able to figure out a career path on their own, many people find it useful to hire a Career Coach to make the process more dynamic and interactive. In three to four sessions, a great deal of work can be accomplished, especially when the process is augmented by homework assignments in between sessions. Each Career Coach has a range of useful tools and inventories to expedite the career exploration process.

Once you decide to add a Career Coach to your support team, you have built in accountability. The Career Coach is genuinely interested in hearing about the steps that you have taken and what you have learned from completing the homework. The regular sessions serve as inherent deadlines to motivate you to complete the agreed upon tasks. Career Coaching is about finding solutions, identifying personal resources, and taking action.

Hiring a Career Coach is an investment in yourself and in your career. You gain the necessary clarity to make a career choice, you quickly develop a realistic action plan, and you become accountable to someone who cares.

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