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By the late 1980s, I was overcome by wanderlust once again. This time I ended up living in Seattle, Washington where I was employed as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counsellor for Counterpoint Mental Health Centre. I was responsible for coordinating the Food Services Project to ensure the clients gained valuable entry-level hospitality skills. This proved to be a wonderful opportunity to continue developing my own skills in the ever-evolving world of Employment Counselling.

After a satisfying career sojourn south of the border, it was time to return to my hometown of Victoria. For the next twelve years, I worked as a Career Counsellor with Shoreline Employment Project, a community based employment agency that was funded by Human Resources Skills Development Canada. Throughout the years, I continued to upgrade my skills in the field of Career and Employment Counselling. Some of the highlights included: taking courses towards a Diploma of Integrated Studies in Career Development through Concordia University College and completing the training to administer and interpret both the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory. Additionally, I participated in professional development to learn Brief Solution Focused Techniques that I have integrated into the Career Coaching field.

rockWhen the funding ended in April 2005, I realized that it was a fortuitous time for me to do my own thorough career exploration process once again before seeking a new position. I eagerly initiated my own self-directed approach, which incorporated reading various career related resources and completing exercises using the Law of Attraction to discover my personal life mission. Along the way, I was struck by the universal truth that every step of the journey is the journey itself.

My epiphany came in June 2005. I realized that it was time for me to start my own Private Practice as a Career and Life Coach. During this intense career quest, I became very aware of my profound need for autonomy, independence, authenticity, and creative expression where I could truly make a difference in the lives of people who could benefit from individualized coaching and genuine support with their career search process.

Career Quest Coaching is the result of my journey of discovery. My new role is to coach people along the pathway to a soulful career and life mission where their deepest passion intersects with the needs of this world and thus ultimately leads to their own wholeness and the inherent betterment of our community and universe. I believe most sincerely that each person has been created to fulfill a unique Career Path. My mission is to assist them with the process of discovering their niche of career congruency. Today, more than ever, is the time to begin the quest.

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There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

-Edith Wharton