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Welcome to the Career Quest Coaching model for determining a personally rewarding and socially responsible vocation that integrates your unique and natural gifts. Depending upon your individual set of circumstances, the process could involve approximately three to five individual appointments over a number of weeks with homework tasks to complete in between the meetings. The Career Quest Coaching model consists of four key elements that might happen sequentially or, in some cases, simultaneously:


STEP 1, The Career Quest Foundation:

The first phase, The Foundation, involves looking at the catalyst for change and completing an inventory of your existing career resources. During this phase we will address the following questions: “Who am I?” “What are my values?” “What are my particular talents and strengths?” What am I really passionate about?” “What work environment suits my personality style?” (We will use the well-respected Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to assist with identifying the preferred elements.)

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STEP 2, The Career Quest Template:

After the foundation has been solidified, the next step is The Template. The purpose of this phase is to determine “What do I want to do?” and “What do I need in my True Livelihood?” During this part of the journey, you will be invited to step into the realm of possibilities by visualizing the elements that are integral to your wellbeing. At different times, I will pose the question, “In the best of all worlds…” in order to encourage you to set aside limiting beliefs and dream new dreams for your life and career.

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STEP 3, The Career Quest Alchemy:

The following phase, The Alchemy, answers the question “How do I get ready?” This step is a natural progression that takes you out in to the world on information quests, speaking with other likeminded people who share similar passions and values. By asking strategic questions and building new relationships, you will begin the process of attracting and or creating career opportunities that are in sync with who you are and what you want to do.

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STEP 4, The Career Quest Mission:

The final and equally important phase is, The Mission. This is the time to “Take Action” and to manifest your personal vision. This is the time to take the courageous steps to bring more satisfaction and joy into your career. Some of the possible action steps at this time might be returning for more schooling, revamping your resume to better reflect what you have to offer, preparing customized cover letters to target specific careers, creating a career portfolio to present to potential employers, practicing interview questions with a Coach, planning a strategic job search, launching your new business idea, or building on the connections made during the information quests and transforming them into meaningful work opportunities. From this point on, it is a life long journey of being vigilant and self-aware and being willing to make the necessary changes along the way.

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Please note that the above model outlines the entire process of career exploration. The steps are modified according to the needs of each individual client, where the client is currently, and what is relevant to the client’s unique circumstances.

Fees and Hours

  • $75.00 per hour long session which includes email and phone contact in between appointments.
  • A special rate is available for youth and students and members of the same household.
  • The coaching objective is usually achieved within two to four sessions for the average client.
  • The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a well respected personality assessment Tool is available as part of the coaching package or as a stand-alone item.
  • Group workshops are available featuring topics such as “Identifying Your Strengths with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator” or “Achieving Work Life Balance”.
  • Appointments are scheduled for daytime or evening hours.
  • Career Coaching is also available via Skype
  • Payment by Cash or Cheque or e-transfer at each session please.
  • A Sliding scale option for payment is available upon request.
  • Frequency of sessions is determined by the needs of each person.
  • The sessions are customized to suit the career and life circumstances of each individual.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

-Melody Beattie